About SmartTrade

With SmartTrade, you get rewarded for the money
that you spend running your business.


SmartTrade is New Zealand's premier loyalty programme for businesses like yours. As a SmartTrade member,
you can earn points for every dollar that you spend with our partners who consist of industry leading suppliers
in all areas of business, like construction, agriculture, automotive, fuel, electricity, office products and more.



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Earn Reward Points

You can earn SmartTrade points in many different ways. We have a network of over 300 supplier partners who are eager to award points for your main business supply spend. We also have partners that will award you points for your everyday business spend like fuel, electricity, office products, health and safety gear, and more.

Visit our Earn Points page to view a full list of participating suppliers.

Your points, your choice!

SmartTrade points can be spent on virtually anything. You can use them to redeem on flights, accommodation, experiences, rental cars, new cars, recarpeting the house, or even your dream wedding!

There are also thousands of products available to redeem your points on in our online Rewards Shop. Can't find what you're looking for? Give us a call on 0800 99 76278, tell us what you want, and our friendly team will help find it for you.



SmartTrade works for any sized business

From a start-up to a national enterprise, your business can benefit from the SmartTrade rewards programme. Take a look at some examples of real members below.



Small-sized business

5 employees


Points earned over
last 12 months from


programme partners

Susan used her points to get...

an iPhone 11, a Nintendo Switch Lite Console for the kids, a mountain bike, a FitBit smart watch and much more.


Medium-sized business

10 employees


Points earned over
last 12 months from


programme partners

Peter used his points to get...

travel to Europe, outdoor furniture, a washing machine and dryer, a Panasonic home theatre system and more.



Large-sized business

30 employees


Points earned over
last 12 months from


programme partners

Ken used his points to get...

insulation, vinyl flooring and re-carpeting for his entire home, travel to China, ski trips, a 55" 4K OLED television and more.



Take a look at what our members think of the programme.

Building & Construction | Waikato

The SmartTrade rewards programme is awesome! We collect a bunch of points from a number of our suppliers and we have used them on all kinds of rewards. From Lasic eye surgery to Fitbit's, from fridge freezers to iPhones, all we do is ring them up and tell them what we want. It's really simple!

The fact that all these points go into the one account makes it nice and easy and a big bonus for us. The programme certainly keeps me loyal to my suppliers.

Nathan Spitzer - Spitzer Brothers Construction

Recently, we needed to replace 37 monitors in our call centre, we were able to use our reward points to purchase all of them. We have also been using points to book all of our air travel. If you are not currently part of the SmartTrade experience, I highly recommend it.

We accumulate points from suppliers on a day-by-day basis, and there are huge savings to be made for your business. The more partners you jump on board with the more points you will receive! Simply brilliant!

Timber Merchant | Auckland

SmartTrade is a great bonus in our industry and we think of it as the polish on top of the relationship with our suppliers. We earn points from four of our largest suppliers and, even earn points for the power supplied to our business from Meridian which is a great bonus.

I recently rewarded myself with a Canon DSLR camera and was lucky enough to win a Cannon lens pack (valued at over $700) as part of a Smart Trade promotion... I never win anything! We love the programme.

Ashwinder Bhatti - Marten Bakker Timbers



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